Contrasting Style: Classic vs Experimental

Personally, I’ve always played it safe when it came to fashion. I always looked at supermodels wearing daring and sometimes bizarre clothes and felt like I’d never be able to pull it off. So recently, I decided to put myself to the test and see if I could feel just as comfortable in a new style as I did in my usual style. For this I decided to order two long evening dresses from

One I had ordered was more casual, with my favorite type of neckline. I tend to stick to round necklines because make me look more youthful and playful. They are best suited to informal events, which is great since I don’t go to many gala evenings. Wearing extravagant jewelry or elaborate hairstyles would not be a good look when it comes to round necklines, which is another plus since I abhor having to accessorize and I hate spending more than ten minutes on my hair. The best look for this particular neckline would be to have very casual and pretty waves without any accessories. This look is perfect for casual parties or a day out.

Wearing this dress made me feel confident and pretty, but it didn’t make me feel any more daring.

The other dress I ordered had was a bit riskier. It had an asymmetrical neckline, since asymmetrical necklines are for the risk takers of the fashion world. Wearing a dress in this style means that you aren’t afraid to experiment with different looks and styles, or at least that was the feeling that I always got. Since the neckline is already drawing so much attention, I opted for a simple high ponytail with lots of movement. Wearing a ponytail with my hair away from my face is another thing that I never do since it makes me feel extremely exposed. I’m also quite insecure about the roundness of my face, but to my surprise I got many compliments when I wore it. I wore it to a friend’s formal wedding and it did do wonders for my confidence.

I think everybody should try some long evening dresses outside of their comfort zone at least once.